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Ali Grimes

Montessori School of Maui
Development Director
Makawao, HI

Ali began her position as the Development Director at Montessori School of Maui in August of 2015. Previously, Ali was the Development Director at Washington Montessori School in Connecticut for over six years and, more recently, also the Yoga & Mindfulness teacher there. In addition to working in fundraising in the school environment, Ali has been teaching a blend of Kripalu and Vinyasa style yoga to adults since 2008.  She is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Kripalu Yoga in Schools Teacher, Child Light Yoga Teacher, and Yoga for Classrooms Teacher.  She also has been a teaching assistant at the adult format Kripalu Yoga Teacher Trainings. Ali created a 15-minute, daily Mindfulness curriculum for Washington Montessori School that was implemented in the 2014-15 school year in two Upper Elementary classrooms.  Although Ali has moved on from WMS, the curriculum she wrote will be utilized again there in the upper Elementary, and additionally, the Lower Elementary and Middle School classes for the 2015-16 school year. In her trainings and explorations of mindfulness and yoga in schools, Ali felt that the missing element for success in the classroom, was that many school teachers did not practice yoga or meditation themselves.  Being expected to teach these practices without being taught first, could prove challenging. Her curriculum allows a yoga or meditation practitioner to teach the group collectively first, so that the teachers can then better teach to the class in the future. Currently, Ali has brought her Mindfulness curriculum to the MOMI middle school Koa Class on a weekly basis.


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